Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Definately a MEDIUM, not a Large

Medium: 1). a person claiming to be in contact with the spirits of the dead and to communicate between the dead and the living.
Not a psychic.
Because she deals directly with Him, she is a Medium.
Femme has frequent "flashes".
After the stunned moment when the "flash" occurs, Femme pops back to reality to verbally release her "flash". Sometimes it deals with the subject we were discussing, and sometimes it deals with persons unknown to me.
Femme is a diehard, hardcore Bingo player. During Bingo Season she will play a couple of times a week. She wins more often than she loses. But then, she's sporting 4 or 6 Bingo cards at a time. And no chain smoking or coffee drinking. Femme is a vessel.
I guess I am writing this because I am trying to figure out whether I believe in Mediumism.
I am writing the pros and cons, so have a ponder, and tell me what you think.
Femme the vessel.
She also puts her faith in the Lotto. A good Lotto number can net 24 million euros. I am reminded of this on a regular basis. I have never bought a Lotto ticket. I never win stuff. Oh, I take that back. I once won a vase. Man, I was happy that day.
Him flashed Femme that she would win a small holding, and she did. Thank you Him and Lotto for 2,500 euros
Him recently flashed Femme, that she will win big euro bucks with the Lotto. Flashed the building in Paris where she will go to collect her euro millions. But he gave her a bum date for the win. She was certain that she would win on the 26th. But she did not.
However, she believes that Him will not lead her astray.
Last year, she "flashed" that my husband would have a bonne affaire. And that is not meaningless sex, no, it means luck in business. At the same time, she flashed (tired of quotation marks?) that it would happen in the Far East. It happened.
People have paid to spend an hour with her. She says she cannot take a full hour of Mediuming and has cut it down to 45 minutes. Same money, just too tiring for the head space.

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